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TRUST. It is the most important thing for our company. We are transparent and act without inertia to explore opportunities and to cope quickly with changes.

RESPONSIBILITY. We are aware of the risks and actions we take and we assume responsibility for what we believe in and for the work we do. The challenge is the opportunity to find the best solutions.

PARTNERSHIP. The strategy of the company is based on the development of long-term partnerships.

IMPROVEMENT AND PERFECTIONING. We are permamantly looking for the best solutions for using quality and performance to be on top and competitive at the same time.


The company was founded in 1996 with privately owned capital that has specialized in the import and wholesale trade of agro-food, personal hygiene and household use products.

At the beginning the activity was based on the import of LUCULUS spices, extending every year the range of products with other foods and sweets, following the widening of the range of products. Since 2000 the business has expanded with hygiene and household products, reaching more than 100 products imported directly from the producers.

Since 2006, our range of products has been expanded with high-quality plastic products used in all fields of activity.
At the moment, we import over 350 types of consumer goods.

Since 2009 we have started importing and distributing organic products, in the first stage diapers and washing powder.

We wish to diversify our organic products, because these ones are the products of the future, having higher consumption quotas and of course also being healthier.

In ROMANIA we represent the brands of several international manufacturers:

  • Győri Keksz
  • Szilas Food
  • Naturalpar
  • Sara Lee
  • Douwe Egberts
  • Alfa –Bio
  • Multy Hungaria
  • Peppy Trade
  • Szilas Aroma
  • Curver, Rubbermaid
  • Moltex

Our partners are hypermarket chains like AUCHAN, CORA, KAUFLAND.

The company has its own parking lot for transport vehicles for its own needs as well as for third parties, carrying out international freight transport with 2 vans of 7,5 tons and a van of 3,5 tons.

The distribution of products to the beneficiaries is done with 3.5 tons trucks. The company has its own storage space. So far we are present in 18 counties on national level through distribution companies.

Our offer is being constantly improved with new products designed to meet the requirements of buyers of every categories.

All our products are of high quality having the certainty that our customers trust us when buying these products.

Hard years

Beginning from 2010 the company started to feel the effect of the economic crisis in a great deal, because many companies that we worked with either didn’t pay their debts and these remained unpaid, or went bankrupt and we were unable to cooperate with them. More than 60% of our partners disappeared. We reduced the marketing of our products greatly. That is why we started to focus more on transport and to open segments of transport-related activities, namely the activity of freight transport.

Financial outlook

In 2010, the turnover was approx. 550,000 euros, of which 420,000 euros(75%) was trade, and 130,000 euros (25%) transport and related activities.

In 2011 the turnover reached 600,000 euros, of which 330,000 euros (55%) was Trade, 270,000 euros (55%) was Transport and Related Activities. In 2012 the turnover was 600,000 euros. We invested in this project using European funds worth 100,000 Romanian Lei to achieve even better results in 2013, when capital assets reached the level of 950,000 euros achieving a growth of 58%. In 2014 we increased our capital assets to 1,460,000 USD, an increase of 40%, in 2015 to 1,670,000 euros (25% increase) and 1,850,000 euros in 2016 to an increase of 10%. In 2017 the Turnover reached 2,200,000 euros, an increase of 18% over the previous year. In 2016, the number of employees in the transport segment increased significantly in order to expand this activity. We want to reach a capital assets of 2,500,000 euros by 2020, of which 200,000 euros will be our trade and 2,200,000 euros transport, the percent being 5% / 95%.

SC ROMAGRA SRL will be an international freight forwarding company of maximum force.

We provide reliable transport services to our customers, making a connection between exporters and importers across Europe through international road freight, expedition, warehousing and logistics. At the moment we offer available transport competence to our customers on a weekly basis in over 10 countries across Europe.

Our Commitment

  • We offer a wide range of quick and reliable transport services. We create and develop networks of subcontractors, long-term relationships with our partners, based on mutual trust and support. We own the necessary market knowledge and local experience.
  • To provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. We rely on our success, our team, open price policy and cost reduction to generate value for our business dedicated to our clients.
  • To continually improve the quality of our services by implementing effective working methods in our day-to-day work.
  • We offer transport services that create the best conditions for the development of our business partners.

We wish to create the best development conditions for our partners through integrated sustainable transport and logistics solutions and through our continuous commitment to excellence in service.

Our Values

We build relationships based on trust, respect and loyalty. We communicate in an honest, direct and transparent way. We put passion into our work on a daily basis. We support initiatives and the courage to turn them into reality. We invest in the human and professional development of our employees. We care about the society and the environment we live in.


Bulevardul Mihai Viteazul nr. 67
450099 Zalău, Jud. Sălaj, ROMÂNIA
: +40 729 006 851; +40 260 612 696
: +40 260 661 861
: Luni–Vineri: 9:00–17:00


International road haulage services in grouping regime, partial and complete loading

SC ROMAGRA SRL has wide experience in road freight transport throughout Europe. We offer regular international group transport services to ROMANIA and from ROMANIA to Europe. We manage every aspect related to the dispatch of our customers’ goods, from planning, organizing and monitoring the delivery of the goods to the final destination.

These operations require a susbtantial experience in handling various types of goods and performing customs clearance operations.

Grouping services

  • Shipping services between 50kgs and 20kgs
  • Direct import lines in grouping mode
  • Direct export lines in grouping mode
  • Collecting and delivery services across Europe – Romania and Romania – Europe;

Full and partial loads

We operate over 100 scheduled weekly shipments. As a specialized expedition house, we can offer day-to-day grouping solutions, complete and partial shipment also at competitive prices.

  • Import and export services in grouping regime, partial and full loading;
  • Express / urgent shipments with vans and trucks;
  • Temperature controlled transport – ambient, chilled or frozen (FTL) temperature;
  • Oversized loads.

Dangerous goods ADR